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Vezina Group | ATLAS-D2K Center
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Vezina Group

Chad Vezina (Contact PI)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Mark Cadena
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Anne Turco
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

Project Description

Our goals are to identify mouse cell lineages giving rise to key prostatic stromal subtypes, map RNAs/proteins that mediate stromal cell behaviors in developing human prostate, and generate searchable resources and tutorials to enable researchers to leverage this data. We are ideally positioned to meet these objectives. Our research team has the expertise (>500 publications in clinical urology and mechanism based prostatic research), experience (previous contributions of >1300 mouse prostatic RNA expression images to the GUDMAP database) and research tools (deep tissue and multispectral imaging, extensive experience with mouse genetics, 28 human fetal prostates ready for analysis, and access to ~50 fresh human fetal prostatic specimens per year) to achieve these goals.