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GUDMAP Projects | ATLAS-D2K Center

GUDMAP Projects


Funding period: 2021 through 2026 (RFA-DK-20-013)
The goal of this phase of GUDMAP is to establish a comprehensive understanding of kidney and lower urinary tract development and maturation to inform the study of tissue maturation and aging, organ dysgenesis and disease, and ultimately organ repair and regeneration.

You can find the projections of data coming from GUDMAP4 projects in this spreadsheet.


Funding period: 2016 through 2021 (RFA-DK-15-015)
Main focus is expanding our understanding of human development of the genito-urinary system.


Funding period: 2011 through 2016 (RFA-DK-11-001)
Main focus is lower urinary tract (includes human GUDMAP extension).

Project descriptions for GUDMAP 2 :


Funding period: 2005 through 2011 (PAR-04-042)
Main focus was the kidney, also minor focus on reproductive system, bladder, pelvic region and prostate.

Project descriptions for GUDMAP 1:


Funding period: 2013 through 2015 (RFA-DK-12-024)
Focus on nociceptors (pain receptors) and associated cell types in pain processing of the urinary tract and pelvic region.

Project descriptions for nGUDMAP:

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