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McMahon Group (GUDMAP2) | ATLAS-D2K Center
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McMahon Group (GUDMAP2)

Genetically-modified mouse strains play an important role in unraveling tissue organization and modeling disease processes. In GUDMAP1, the McMahon group created and characterized a number of novel mouse strains to facilitate identification, isolation and genetic manipulation of key cell types within the genitourinary system. Strains are available through the Jackson Laboratories and details of the strains and their activities can be seen at the GUDMAP website.

In GUDMAP2, our effort continues with an enhanced focus on the lower urinary system. Our approach utilizes the extensive resource of gene-targeted embryo stem (ES) cell lines created by the KOMP and EUCOMM (IKMC) consortia. This strategy uses recombination-mediated cassette exchange (RMCE) to recombine at specific targeted loci a cassette encoding enhanced GFP (eGFP) and cre/ERT2. As a result, mouse lines generated from germ-line transmission of RMCE-modified ES cell lines, will produce these components under the regulation of the target gene-of-interest in specific cell types-of-interest. This genetic resource will facilitate and stimulate research and deepen our understanding of development and disease on the mammalian urogenital system.

Grant number: 5U01DK094526