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Newly posted publications from the Drummond and Little labs | ATLAS-D2K Center


Newly posted publications from the Drummond and Little labs

Aug 15, 2019

The following are some recently posted publications from the RBK Consortium: two from the Drummond lab and one from the Little lab. You can find all RBK publications by clicking here.

Fibroblast growth factor signaling mediates progenitor cell aggregation and nephron regeneration in the adult zebrafish kidney. Gallegos, Thomas F.; Kamei, Caramai N.; Rohly, Michael; Drummond, Iain A. Dev Biol. June 2019.

EGFR is required for Wnt9a–Fzd9b signalling specificity in haematopoietic stem cells. Grainger, Stephanie; Nguyen, Nicole; Richter, Jenna; Setayesh, Jordan; Lonquich, Brianna; Oon, Chet Huan; Wozniak, Jacob M.; Barahona, Rocio; Kamei, Caramai N.; Houston, Jack; Carrillo-Terrazas, Marvic; Drummond, Iain A.; Gonzalez, David; Willert, Karl; Traver, David. Nature Cell Biology. vol. 21(6), 721–730. June 2019.

Reporter-based fate mapping in human kidney organoids confirms nephron lineage relationships and reveals synchronous nephron formation. Howden, Sara E; Vanslambrouck, Jessica M; Wilson, Sean B; Tan, Ker Sin; Little, Melissa H. EMBO reports. vol. 20(4), e47483. March 2019.