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Website Updates! New homepage and full integration with GUDMAP and RBK resources | ATLAS-D2K Center


Website Updates! New homepage and full integration with GUDMAP and RBK resources

Oct 12, 2023

The ATLAS-D2K Center is excited to announce that all of the resources that were formerly hosted on separate websites specific to GUDMAP and RBK have now been fully integrated into the ATLAS-D2K Center online resource!

The homepage has been redesigned to provide information and statistics about available data and resources, showcase featured images, highlight available tools (with more coming soon!) and promote funding opportunities and events from GUDMAP and RBK.

In the revamped top-level navigation, you’ll find an incredible breadth and depth of data, tutorials, atlases, be able to request iPSC cell lines, search through functional assays and more!

By combining these data and resources from the GUDMAP and ReBuilding A Kidney (RBK) consortia, which are the leading providers of genitourinary and kidney biomedical research data, respectively, we are fulfilling our goal to become the “go-to” open-access resource for the research community of mouse and human renal and genitourinary development and disease. You can still learn about each consortium on their new landing pages: GUDMAP landing page and RBK landing page.

We have more features planned for the future - so stay tuned for more developments!

As we are evolving this new web presence into a full-featured knowledgebase, we would appreciate any feedback from users at our contact page.