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Welcome to the new GUDMAP Collaborator Group: Maho Shibata (George Washington University)

Jul 24, 2023

The ATLAS-D2K Center is excited to introduce a new Collaborator Group for the GUDMAP Consortium: Maho Shibata from the George Washington University.

This project, “Regulation of prostate organogenesis by tissue-resident macrophages,” focuses on understanding the contradictory roles of immune cells in the prostate, especially given that androgens, hormones crucial for prostate development, are considered immune-suppressive. The aim is to explore the role of macrophages, a type of immune cell, during prostate development and in benign prostate disease (BPH). They’ll use various cutting-edge techniques such as single-cell RNA sequencing, 3D imaging, and genetic tracing to determine the origin, function, and androgen-dependence of these macrophages. This research may offer insights into better treatment strategies for BPH.

The GUDMAP Consortium and ATLAS-D2K Center extend a warm welcome to Dr. Shibata! You can read the full description of her project on her project page.