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AKI Therapeutics publications

Mar 16, 2022

The AKI Therapeutics Group of the ReBuilding a Kidney Consortium has just published three papers in Stem Cell Research & Therapy, Nature Reviews Nephrology and ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science:

Modeling oxidative injury response in human kidney organoids Przepiorski, Aneta; Vanichapol, Thitinee; Espiritu, Eugenel B.; Crunk, Amanda E.; Parasky, Emily; McDaniels, Michael D.; Emlet, Dave R.; Salisbury, Ryan; Happ, Cassandra L.; Vernetti, Lawrence A.; MacDonald, Matthew L.; Kellum, John A.; Kleyman, Thomas R.; Baty, Catherine J.; Davidson, Alan J.; Hukriede, Neil A. Stem Cell Research & Therapy. 13(1):76. February 2022.

Experimental models of acute kidney injury for translational research Hukriede, Neil A.; Soranno, Danielle E.; Sander, Veronika; Perreau, Tayla; Starr, Michelle C.; Yuen, Peter S. T.; Siskind, Leah J.; Hutchens, Michael P.; Davidson, Alan J.; Burmeister, David M.; Faubel, Sarah; de Caestecker, Mark P. Nature Reviews Nephrology. February 2022.

Validation of HDAC8 Inhibitors as Drug Discovery Starting Points to Treat Acute Kidney Injury Long, Keith; Vaughn, Zoe; McDaniels, Michael David; Joyasawal, Sipak; Przepiorski, Aneta; Parasky, Emily; Sander, Veronika; Close, David; Johnston, Paul A.; Davidson, Alan J.; de Caestecker, Mark; Hukriede, Neil A.; Huryn, Donna M. ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science. March 2022.

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