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Data release summary: Summer 2021 | ATLAS-D2K Center


Data release summary: Summer 2021

Sep 28, 2021

After the recent Jamboree, it’s time to catch up on some new data released over the summer.

May 2021

Collection: Single cell transcriptomic data of external genitalia (related to publication in Developmental Biology) Martin Cohn

June 2021

Collection: Human nanoCT. High resolution nanoCT images and 3D reconstructions of human embryos. Martin Cohn

July 2021

Collection: Data hub highlighted features. This collection contains examples of different data types that aim to showcase different capabilities accessible through the Data Hub GUDMAP/RBK Repository. (Carl Kesselman)

Study: scRNA-Seq Mouse Urothelium E14. (Cathy Mendelsohn)

Study: Bulk RNASequencing on specific cell types in the adult WT mouse urothelium (Bladder). (Cathy Mendelsohn)

Protocol: Bulk RNA extraction from low numbers of FACS-sorted cells. (Michelle Southard-Smith)

August 2021

Video: “A “flythrough” inside a wild type mouse cloaca at E11.5” (Xue Sean Li)

Video: “The 3D “time-lapse” images of the entire morphogenetic process of mouse cloaca from E9.5 to E13.5” (Xue Sean Li)