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Poster winners and meeting materials from the GUDMAP Jamboree | ATLAS-D2K Center


Poster winners and meeting materials from the GUDMAP Jamboree

Aug 31, 2021

Thank you to all in the community who attended the GUDMAP Jamboree! It was a rousing success with 105 attendees and 214 people registered. We have many of the talks and posters available for the public (including the webcast of the Town Hall sessions with questions submitted by meeting registrants) and you can find it all on the event page here:

GUDMAP Jamboree page

We are also excited to announce the winners of the poster contest!

Postdoc Awards

First Place (Tie!):

  • Neha Ahuja (University of Texas, Southwest), “Molecular characterization of heterogeneity in the renal vasculature”
  • Victor Ruthig (Weill Cornell Medicine), "RBFOX2 Partially Regulates Differentiation During Male Genital Tubercle Development”

Second place:

  • Chase Bryan (University of Florida), "Visualizing and elucidating the FGF-dependent mechanisms of urethral morphogenesis"

Grad Students Awards

First place:

  • Hannah Wesselman (University of Notre Dame), "ESRRγ Identified as a Novel Link Between Ciliogenesis and Nephrogenesis"

Second place (3-way tie!):

  • Julia Bittencourt (University of Florida)
  • Marisa Rigsby (Vanderbilt University), "Neuromodulatory cell distribution in developing mouse lower urinary tract"
  • Nicole Weaver (University of Notre Dame), "gldc is essential for embryonic development and kidney organogenesis"

You can find all publicly available posters here.