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New scRNA-Seq Visualizations available! | ATLAS-D2K Center


New scRNA-Seq Visualizations available!

Mar 12, 2019

The RBK Hub is excited to let you know about some new visualizations that we are bringing to Single cell RNA-Seq data is becoming more and more ubiquitous – and researchers are looking for the best ways to visualize the results of this data.

This field is still new enough that there are no widely accepted methods yet for visually describing single cell data; however, we have started publishing results from individual RBK projects that display analyzed scRNA-Seq on various plots. These visualizations may evolve over time but we thought our users would be interested in these initial results.

Here are two initial data sets including visualizations generated from the Kidney Interactive Transcriptomics (K.I.T.) web app from Ben Humphrey’s lab. Just scroll down to the “Visualizations” table to view the images:

Please keep in mind that cluster names are interpreted by the analyzing lab and therefore are not appropriate for comparing between datasets.

little-tsne Here’s an example of a plot image from Melissa Little Lab’s organoid dataset using the Kidney Interactive Transcriptomics application by Ben Humphrey’s lab.

We would love to hear your feedback on this data!