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Strand Lab Publishes Paper in Cell Reports | ATLAS-D2K Center


Strand Lab Publishes Paper in Cell Reports

Dec 19, 2018

This month, the Strand lab published A cellular anatomy of the normal adult human prostate and prostatic urethra in Cell Reports. Highlights include creation of a cellular anatomy of the young human prostate by scRNA sequencing, verified purification scheme for every cell type by flow cytometry. Localization of every cell type in whole-mount transverse sections, and discovery of Club and Hillock epithelia enriched in the urethra and proximal ducts.

Thumbnail of H&E data from Strand paper

Gervaise H.Henry, Alicia Malewska, Diya B.Joseph, Venkat S.Malladi, JeonLee, JoseTorrealba, Ryan J.Mauck, Jeffrey C.Gahan, Ganesh V.Raj, Claus G.Roehrborn, Gary C.Hon, Malcolm P. MacConmara, Jeffrey C.Reese, Ryan C.Hutchinson, Chad M.Vezina, Douglas W.Strand, A Cellular Anatomy of the Normal Adult Human Prostate and Prostatic Urethra, Cell, 2018, 25(12), 3530-3542.e5,,

You may find all of the data referenced in this paper: raw image files (including duplicates not displayed in the paper), raw FACS data and RNA-seq data generated as part of this study in the following Data Collection: