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Partnership Pilot Program | ATLAS-D2K Center


Partnership Pilot Program

Dec 7, 2015

The (Re)Building A Kidney Consortium is happy to announce that we are now accepting submissions to collaborate with us via our Partnership Program project.

Specifically, we are looking for additional projects in the following subject areas:

  1. Cell-type specific transcriptional profiling of key cell types of the developing and adult human kidney isolated using FACS, laser-capture or other approaches. Transcriptional profiling of normal kidney cell types will inform in vitro and in vivo efforts to recreate or regenerate these cell types within the RBK Consortium.
  2. Genome engineering of human pluripotent stem cell (PSC) lines (stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells) to place fluorescent reporters under the control of cell-type specific gene targets. Modified PSC reporter lines will enable optimization of protocols to differentiate cell types of interest and to isolate and verify transcriptional signatures in PSC-derived cell types. Gene targets of interest should specifically highlight progenitor populations in intermediate and terminal stages in the differentiation of mature kidney structures.

Applications of 5 pages requesting up to $150,000 total costs for per year for a maximum of 2 years are due January 30, 2016 for a projected start date of April 1, 2016.

For complete details about this program and to apply, go to: